RUN3TV Advantages

Twelve affiliate and network broadcasters in the Pearl TV group of U.S. broadcast companies came together to develop a shared web platform that makes applications easy to enable, customize, and differentiate while providing consumers a consistent user experience across multiple receiver operating systems.

Family watching TV

Giving consumers the interactive experience they asked for.

Consumers have consistently ranked interactive features as a defining feature of NEXTGEN TV.

RUN3TV, to ensure the highest quality and consistent viewing experience, is the first NEXTGEN TV interactive platform developed in partnership with receiver manufacturers.

RUN3TV enables broadcasters to deliver over-the-air viewers more content to explore, engage with, and – most importantly – enjoy.

Network Control Room

Putting broadcasters in control of their vision.

RUN3TV gives broadcasters control of their product, service, and the direct viewer experience. It also unlocks new monetization opportunities through platform applications and advertising technology.

The RUN3TV platform empowers you to turn an innovative broadcast vision into reality.

TV Remote Control

It’s on air, ready for use, and was developed for the future

RUN3TV is live today in many NEXTGEN TV markets across the United States. The best part? We’re just getting started.

The RUN3TV platform has the ability to differentiate applications, is easy to deploy, and supports new (or to be developed!) features and services.

RUN3TV is providing the best viewing experience – both today and in the future.

The Visuals

Watch the RUN3TV platform in action