RUN3TV for Broadcasters

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Bringing content to life through two-way interactivity

RUN3TV supports broadcasters to retain viewers, increase engagement, and offer new insights and monetization opportunities.

Through RUN3TV, viewers spend more time engaging with content – this generates new revenue opportunities and audience insights.

The advanced RUN3TV platform delivers data-driven advertising in live, streaming, and premium content. Viewer curated advertising means better engagement, more marketing goals met, and increased sales for both broadcasters and advertisers.

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Consistent viewing experience across any NEXTGEN TV receiver

RUN3TV, partnering with NEXTGEN TV receiver manufacturers, have developed and tested the platform to ensure it is stable and uniform across operating system versions and models.

Additionally, the forward-thinking platform was built for inevitable NEXTGEN TV updates and advancements.

Software Programing

Leverage existing web talent and tools.

RUN3TV’s web-based platform architecture enables stations to develop, innovate, and differentiate at the application services layer while utilizing your existing web talent and tooling.

Our platform technology is built to empower your current web teams who do not need to learn about the receivers and the ATSC 3.0 standard to innovating.

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Broadcasters control the direct relationship with their audiences

RUN3TV creates an underlying framework that empowers broadcasters in content creation and interactive distribution.

You control the product vision, the direct customer experience, and monetization opportunities. It enables broadcasters to choose their technical partners and take advantage of contributions from the RUN3TV developer community.