RUN3TV for Developers

Programming Languages

A platform for web developers

RUN3TV brings together the television broadcast signals and internet connectivity to empower developers to build great products with standard, everyday web tools.

Your next RUN3TV application can be built with DASH, HTML, Java and CSS.

Our team will support you in onboarding to the TV environment and advise on adapting web apps to the TV paradigm. Bring your skills and innovative web applications to the television screen.

Website Programming

An open community approach

RUN3TV is an open platform for developers and that is empowering a new community of collaborators.

We provide rapid onboarding, development tools, support and access to broadcasters who need your services.

City Lights

Application Features Support

RUN3TV broadcasters, television manufacturers, and developers – working together through a support forum – will guide the platform roadmap.

These contributions will not only help developers to gain market traction but also improve the overall viewer proposition and adoption.